Safely in the gym

Nowadays more and more people of all ages, it begins to take care of their health. More and more is being said also about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how much it affects the behavior of a good figure and well-being for both mental and physical. Many campaigns and other activities that have the intention to change the ways of thinking of many people, produced results. Young people like me elderly more often choose outdoor activities, visit the gym or the pool of idle sitting at home in front of a computer.

It’s a very good sign, because movement helps to keep the figure in excellent condition. Let’s hope it will never threaten us so far-reaching obesity, as is evident in many Western countries.

Today, more and more people choose as a form of leisure, a visit to the gym. Until quite recently, in the space of this type attended mainly young men. Today, there is no rule. At gyms can be found for both women and men and in every age.

If you also you are looking to buy for yourself booklet to the gym, you have to remember that although this is a place seemingly safe, it is good to observe some specific rules whereby ulegnięciu avoid injury. Training in the gym is the only way to get rid of extra pounds, but also a great alternative to the lonely and often boring exercises at home. After an hour spent in the gym will feel refreshed and relaxed for both physically and mentally. Will improve not only our condition but also stretch the muscles and tendons.

Theoretically, there are no age restrictions, if spreads on a visit to the gym. However, do not overdo it too much, and accept the fact that with age our ability to work hard physically significantly decreases. If so we can certainly save a group of young people, do not try to beat any price time performing the most difficult exercises and repeating them several times. A good coach will advise us what type of exercise would be suitable for us, and what their intensity will be safe for us. Of course, those slightly older also can afford to strength training and everyone else. In this case, however, you should talk to your coach or certainly chosen by our intensity is indicated.

Regardless of what age we are, nor how many years have we train, we have to remember each time for warm-up before we take up for any exercise. Thanks to avoid injuries such as strain or tendon rupture. Hot and slightly stretched muscles and tendons are much less exposed to any trauma. Do not ever forget about it.

Very important is also what many people forget is the appropriate attire for exercise. This should be absolutely mind if we want this to our visit to the gym was a pleasure. Most important is because the shoes that will give us security. For this purpose the most suitable sneakers or other footwear also of this type. It is good if it has a gum from the bottom which prevents the sliding of the floor. It is important also to have closed toes shoes that will ensure our security in case something fell on our feet.

The most common injuries include any kind of damage to muscles and tendons. Much less are broken bones. Injuries are the cause of most mismatched with respect to the practice of our stage. That’s why so much importance is the role of the coach who should be able to find the right exercises that will be for us above all safe.

Very often there are injuries of the neck, especially when lifting weights mismanagement. In this case, it is very important to ask for help from a person working in the gym, that she showed us how to hold the bar in order not to hurt yourself. If you are already practicing a long time, certainly noticed at home also reduces the flexibility of the joints, especially the wrist. Weightlifting, reduces the flexibility of the joints and their strength to be subjected to a substantial effort. If you experience pain wrists should ask for help from someone with the service, before we raise the bar for the first time. This is very important because it can result in serious injuries.

U people practicing weightlifting, very often undergo knee injuries, which bears a significant burden for both the body and the barbell. It is no wonder that many men after the workout feels pain in his knees. If the pain is particularly troublesome during the course of the days on which you do not practice, you should seek help from a specialist. In this case also, it is desirable to apply appropriate supplements that have a protective effect on the joints. This problem should also report the coach that he should resign from such exercises like squats and other, which can further damage or injure painful knee joints


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