How to increase your muscle mass

The world is sometimes varied as the people who create it. Some people dream of to slightly increase their weight, while others want a bit to make them a little weight has been reduced, it is true, however, that the overwhelming number of people seeking to increase their muscle mass, does not mean weight gain or fat but muscle whose essay requires a lot of strength and energy. Many beginners people have a problem with the forum kulturystyczne achievement of this goal. This requires not only discipline but also some knowledge on this subject. To effect was possible to achieve, it is necessary to connect several aspects of diet, exercise and supplements. By adapting to the rules listed below, certainly we can quickly achieve their goal by us.

To oschnąć any effects related to increasing muscle mass is necessary to introduce a proper diet. But it turns out that it is not enough here just to eat certain foods. It is necessary to separate their balance so that we were not stuck eating only one type. But how should I do this? Using the appropriate table specify the amount of dietary protein and fat necessary for the purpose specified by us. Of course in the table are taken into account also our growth and current weight. After this selection we divide these figures by the number of meals consumed by us. It is best that there were about 7 then divide this figure by seven and then using the food table define the dose of a particular product. As a result, we provide our body with not only the adequate amount of energy, but also forum kulturystyczne necessary for muscle building protein content. With regular mealtimes and layout of roughly the same dose of ingredients, we stimulate the body to weight gain.

During the determination of such a diet should pay attention to the valence of individual proteins. Not all are in fact the same energy. It is best to choose more animal protein as they are wholesome. That is to say that the body is unable to produce it alone, so also should be provided from the external environment. In addition, comprise a suitable amount of amino acids necessary for proper functioning of the whole organism. You also can not forget about the right amount of vitamins and other micro and macro elements. Without them, your body will not be functioning properly, and this is after all the most important. Even the best training will not make that we have muscles, if you miss it will be mostly adequate nutrition.

According to numerous physiologists, doctors and nutritionists, training is only 15% of success in building adequate muscle mass. Other quantities percent primarily takes diet and supplements, which are essential for proper metabolism and increased muscle growth. Every day, ideally you should eat 7 meals. As a result, our body digests all exactly what spożyliśmy and dedicating protein to build muscle. Feeding provide the body with only the amount of ingredients, which can freely disposed, without placing it in the form of fat.

Every body should have provided a dose of 2 to 3 grams of protein for every kilogram of our body. At one time, never place at higher amounts of protein because the body is able to create only 50 grams. There should also leave your last meal for the last hour before bedtime. Optimally, the last meal you can eat for up to two hours before going to bed.

Since we have already prepared a nutrition plan with rations, we should also plan your workouts. Load with which we intend to practice should not be too large. Then Train a force that does not have to be appropriate to the size of our muscles. For each activity, the number of repetitions should vary from 8 to up to 12 This series can be repeated 3 to 5 times. It depends on us what areas are going to train the muscles. This information should also be included in the training plan. The entire workout should take about 40 minutes. This is the optimal time for exercise to earn the muscle mass. The day you train, you must increase the supply of carbohydrate intake by about 30-40%.

In our market there are more and more supplements designed forum kulturystyczne for athletes and people who want to achieve certain results. If you do not have on this topic too much knowledge, we should go to a good store of nutrients. If we can hit well, the seller having knowledge of what sells will be able to advise us accordingly. We should say what kind of exercises we do and how we intend to achieve the goal. This information will allow us to select the right kind of nutrients as well as the manner of its forms.


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