All about muscle

In today’s world, time passes very quickly, you can even say that few people today have time for it to stop, relax and breathe for a moment. Each of us is still somewhere late, busy. All this leads to one aspect, namely the world for some time ruled by money. We all want a well-paid job, almost no-one does what he forum kulturystyczne likes, the majority of the population is doing only what you must. Besides rule of money, there is still such a thing as the other values ​​on which we depend very speech here namely the appearance. I think each of us will agree that we all want to look good but not every one of us wants to strive for good looks. The dream of the fairer sex is slim, athletic figure, nice hair or smooth complexion. For men it is a bit different, here spreads mainly by well-built, muscular body and it is this aspect will discuss in this article.

Have you ever wondered what to do to your body was well built with lean muscle mass? Many young people have decided to start your adventure with a gym but do not really know what to do and how to do it. The simple answer is to build a good physique need nature, diet, exercise, self-denial, and most importantly – motivation. Unfortunately, many people focus solely on training and it is not always correct. If you want to build lean body mass you can not forget about your diet, this is it makes your muscles to grow with you. Protein is the building blocks of muscle without which there is practically no chance to put on weight more than 2-5 pounds. So, if you want a year or two to gain forum kulturystyczne weight 10-20 pounds should start a diet, do not worry, this is not anything expensive, basic diet for a lean guy may be close to 300-400 per month and it probably is not a fortune, right ? How, then, should look like diet? In short, you need to eat 5-6 meals a day at regular intervals at certain times each day should provide 2-2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Then there carbohydrates and animal fats also called complex.

Well, the diet is over, we already know that it is very important for building muscle mass, diet is actually a 70% success, the rest is practice, apart from the motivation without which there will be neither training nor mass or strength gains, absolutely nothing. Therefore, you can thing that is most important motivation, then diet, and only at the end of training. According to statistics, the biggest problem amateur is just lack of motivation, therefore, do not forget it. Can motivate many ways, even watching recordings of famous bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger even Ronnie Coleman, hardcore coke, etc.

Training or plan a mass or FBW (Full Body Workout), a full-body workout in one day or split – a lot of muscle workout once a week. The truth is that both the FBW and Split has its followers, and both produce effects that you use depends on many factors. For starters, it is worth a try FBW, because it gives a lot of opportunities for beginners. Mainly relies on the fact that 2-3 times a week train the whole body after one exercise for each party, the fact that we start from the largest parties, ie: legs, back, chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, calves and forearms or the end caps. For each of these muscle groups doing one exercise, for example, on your feet doing squat / step out on the back deadlift or rowing on the frame extrusion for flat or incline, barbell on the shoulders rising to the chin forum kulturystyczne or behind the head barbell impression so thoroughly developed training plans can be found online but remember that a good plan for weight should look like, that makes the 3 series on the lot and 8-12 reps, no more, no less. If you want to build muscle mass and strength to do 8-12 reps heavy weight, with the exception of calves that practicing wspięciami on tiptoe train two sets of 30 repetitions and forearm to be doing well but the two sets of 15 reps.

As you can see, building muscle mass needs to be thought out and very important role here proper diet and training, as many beginners do not apply absolutely any diet, exercise without adequate supply of protein, after some time, discouraged by the lack of growth turning to steroids which is pure stupidity, as good and also cheap and healthy diet can do really very much and do not need to touch even creatine, which should be used only by experienced individuals who have trained long and simply załapały stagnation, ie. period where nothing goes forward, only then you can help with creatine, not before, because this is simply undesirable and even unhealthy and in some cases harmful to life and even health.


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